Dapping Set with 24 Punches

This deluxe dapping set has 18 depressions and features 24 punches to dome a great many sizes. Punches range from 3.5 to 25.4mm and are made of case-hardened steel for years of performance. Depressions in the 2″ x 2″ [ … ] Read More

Wood Dapping Set with 10 Punches

This large dapping set includes a hardwood block and ten punches ranging in size from 65-16mm (2-1/2"- 5/8"). The hardwood block is double sided with ten machined half spheres that accommodate each size punch. Block measures 7" [ … ] Read More

Sterling Silver Necklace with Tube Set Stones

Make this stunning, sterling silver necklace. This tutorial features wire work, tube setting faceted stones, disk cutting and shaping, and setting a pearl.   This Featured Project is offered by Tamara Clark. Workingsilver tutorials are always FREE. We support [ … ] Read More

Setting Up Your Metalsmithing Studio

This is a fairly comprehensive list of tools and supplies that you will need to set up your metalsmithing studio.  Thank you for shopping! You will need a jeweller’s bench and a soldering bench or fire safe table area, plus [ … ] Read More

Glossary of Terms

~ A ~ Agate ~ Multi-coloured microscopically crystalline, variegated chalcedony. It may be banded, irregularly clouded or have visible impurities as in moss agate. It is a very common variety of quartz principally found in Brazil Alexandrite ~ A [ … ] Read More