PEPETOOLS – Haymaker Lion Punch Forge Saw

About Green Haymaker Lion Punch Forge Saw A beautiful; innovative design focusing first on balance and the fundamentals of proper sawing. Engineered from the ground up with a focus on a perfect center of gravity. Handle is press fit onto the frame eliminating [ … ] Read More

Four-Jaw Pin Vise

This vise holds a variety of tools, from X-Acto® blades to twist drills. • Two reversible collets, 0mm–3mm in diameter, are included. • Pin vise accepts broken saw blades for wax filing. • Also holds tubing or stock for [ … ] Read More

Professional Jewellers Metalsmith’s Kit

This is a special order – please allow 7-10 days for delivery. Kit/Set Includes 4-oz. ball peen hammer (119333) French 3-oz. riveting hammer (112188) Fretz® MKR-1 Maker® jeweler’s planishing hammer, 4.4 oz. (112980) Peddinghaus 3-1/2-oz. goldsmith hammer (112403) 4-oz. [ … ] Read More