Wire Wrapping Kit

JEWELLERS HAND TOOL SET The essential jewellers hand tools needed for jewelry making are included in this money saving kit. Includes one each of the following unless otherwise noted: • Jeweller’s Saw • Third Hand • Half Round Medium [ … ] Read More

Bees Wax

BEESWAX. Convenient 1 oz. bar of beeswax is used on saw blades for easier cutting and to help prevent breakage. Read More

Four-Jaw Pin Vise

This vise holds a variety of tools, from X-Acto® blades to twist drills. • Two reversible collets, 0mm–3mm in diameter, are included. • Pin vise accepts broken saw blades for wax filing. • Also holds tubing or stock for [ … ] Read More

Professional Jewellers Metalsmith’s Kit

This is a special order – please allow 7-10 days for delivery. Kit/Set Includes 4-oz. ball peen hammer (119333) French 3-oz. riveting hammer (112188) Fretz® MKR-1 Maker® jeweler’s planishing hammer, 4.4 oz. (112980) Peddinghaus 3-1/2-oz. goldsmith hammer (112403) 4-oz. [ … ] Read More