Charcoal Soldering Block – Hard

The world’s best charcoal will last three to five times as long. This hard premium charcoal block is super compressed with a durable, hard surface that reflects heat back for faster and cleaner soldering. Measures 5-1/2″ x 2-3/4″ x [ … ] Read More

How to display your Jewellery

When it comes to displaying your creations there are so many choices. You can purchase display props from a place like Eddies Hangups in Vancouver, or you can created your own using all sorts of unexpected items. Here [ … ] Read More

Silver and Stone Overlay Pendant

This project develops skills in sawing, pierce-work, overlay, sweat soldering, bezel-making, stone setting, and finishing techniques. You can adapt it to different shaped pendants with different pierced-work patterns to complement your stone. The illustrated pendant has a hook, rather [ … ] Read More

Caring for Pliers

The basic set of pliers for jewellery manufacturing and the first to acquire when setting up a new workbench would be flat-nose pliers, round/flat-nose pliers, half-round/flat-nose pliers, and chain-nose pliers. Almost all jewellery-making techniques can be executed with these [ … ] Read More

Setting Up Your Metalsmithing Studio

This is a fairly comprehensive list of tools and supplies that you will need to set up your metalsmithing studio.  Thank you for shopping! You will need a jeweller’s bench and a soldering bench or fire safe table area, plus [ … ] Read More

Micro Mini Butane Torch

The Micro Mini Butane Torch is a must have on your soldering bench for small jobs.  The Micro Mini Butane Torch is Great For: •soldering jump rings closed (14g and thinner) •soldering thin (4mm and smaller) ring bands •soldering [ … ] Read More


Silver is a unique member of the metals family -the “whitest” of all metals. In its pure form this moon-coloured metal is highly lustrous, and can be polished to a mirror finish. Silver was known and used by primitive [ … ] Read More

Glossary of Terms

~ A ~ Agate ~ Multi-coloured microscopically crystalline, variegated chalcedony. It may be banded, irregularly clouded or have visible impurities as in moss agate. It is a very common variety of quartz principally found in Brazil Alexandrite ~ A [ … ] Read More

Kelly Allanson

Kelly Allanson finds jewellery an amazing way to express herself.  Drawn to textures and layers, both are seen throughout her work.  The boxes of beads that accompanied her on childhood family vacations were just the beginning of her jewellery [ … ] Read More