PEPETOOLS – Hardened Charcoal Soldering Block, Compressed, European – SM


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The Bench Basics Compressed Large Charcoal Block is the ideal traditional soldering surface. Charcoal is perfect for soldering on due to its heat reflective properties, which help effectively reach the optimum temperature quicker, and create a cleaner soldering environment. When placed under a flame, this solid carbon material causes a reducing atmosphere by absorbing the oxygen surrounding the piece; preventing oxidation and fire-stain. Use this specially compressed charcoal block for soldering smaller pieces or making minor repairs to joins. Simple shapes can also be carved out of the block and melted into finished forms from pieces of metal.

Available in three sizes

    • Small – 3.1″W x 2.3″D x 1.1″H  (80 x 60 x 29mm)
  • Made in Europe
  • High quality, compressed charcoal for a long life

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