Torch – Acetylene Silversmith Torch Kit


Complete with 3 tips and regulator

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This Handi-Heat™  torch kit is made in the US by Smith/Miller and is an excellent quality silversmithing torch that uses acetylene gas (B tank size). The regulator on the torch mixes the acetylene gas with ambient air (no oxy tank needed!) to provide a very hot, stable flame. This torch comes with three heads #00, #0 and #1 for a range of soldering applications. Tips produce a soft quiet flame ideal for soldering, brazing, and heating. The Silversmith Air kit is designed for jewellery soldering and melting operations.

  • No wrench needed, tips are hand tightened and may be rotated 360°
  • Nickel-plated brass handle with valve forward design for one-handed adjustment

The Acetylene B size tank is sold by welding supply companies.  Workingsilver does not sell compressed gas.


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