Workingsilver.com is a family owned business located in British Columbia, Canada, and caters to hobby and artisan silversmiths in Canada and the US.  Kathy developed Workingsilver.com in 2009 to be the most user friendly Online retailer of silversmithing tools, stones, supplies, and precious metals.  In early 2014, the Workingsilver company expanded to include a Retail Store & Teaching Studio in New Westminster, BC.  Five years later in June 2019, Kathy closed the Workingsilver teaching studio (after just under 1,000 students having taken our classes!) and store front as a restructuring of her company to ONLINE ONLY.  Workingsilver.com continues to sell the same quality products at good prices, and with the same excellent customer service.

Kathy supports the jewellery artisan’s creative process with excellent service and advice via email, phone and throughout the website.  The resource area on the website has techniques, tutorials, tips, articles.  As well, our blogs have great information!

Workingsilver.com reaches the many Canadian and US jewellery artisans who live in rural areas without access to retail stores with the speciality materials they need. Of course, we also serve customers living in urban areas.

kat working - CopyKathy draws on her experience in business management, retail, and silversmithing. She has been training, practicing her craft and learning from every piece she makes for the past 20 years. Have a question? Not sure what product or tool is right for the job? Kathy can help and is available to answer your questions via email at service@workingsilver.com or by phone @ 604.549.8899 (Greater Vancouver area), or @ 1.877.713.3870 – toll free outside the Greater Vancouver area.

Kathy was born in Silver City, New Mexico, and grew up in the tiny hamlet of Silverton, in an area called the Silver Valley in northern Idaho where her father was the Superintendent of the Sunshine Silver Mine. Kathy was destined to forge silver into pieces of wearable art and to support the creativity of other silversmiths!

Thank you for visiting Workingsilver.com. We hope you are pleased with our selection and prices and enjoy your shopping experience. If you do not find what you are looking for, please let us know via email service@workingsilver.com or phone 604.549.8899 (Greater Vancouver area), or @ 1.877.713.3870 – toll free outside the Greater Vancouver area.  We can special order most metals, but not tools.