One of the tools a silversmith reaches for most often is their hammer. We all have our favourite one…or 3, but if you are just starting to build your tool collection, picking the right hammer for the job can [ … ] Read More

All About Files

There are many different cuts, shapes and varieties of files; some files are designed to meet very specific needs. When searching for the perfect files for your bench, consider the material you will be working with, the level of [ … ] Read More

Wire Twisting Plier

  WIRE TWISTING PLIER – 6″ Check out this fun and useful tool for twisting wire up to 18 gauge. Safely twists wire up to 18 ga. Simple one-pull action and automatic return twists wire quickly into a strand [ … ] Read More

Micro Mini Butane Torch

The Micro Mini Butane Torch is a must have on your soldering bench for small jobs.  The Micro Mini Butane Torch is Great For: •soldering jump rings closed (14g and thinner) •soldering thin (4mm and smaller) ring bands •soldering [ … ] Read More

Universal Holder

Very useful tool for holding rings and flat pieces of metal while finishing edges. The four movable pins on this holder accommodate large and small items during engraving, filing, or repair. Jaws screw in and out to securely hold [ … ] Read More