Copper Flashing Using Pickle

Sometimes we WANT to copper flash metal.  When soldering copper, even with copper solder, the solder join is usually visible.  After cleaning all the extra solder from the join, try this: put some iron binding wire on your metal [ … ] Read More

Soldering vs. Fusing

Soldering vs. Fusing What is the difference between soldering and fusing? What are the benefits of each technique and what are the difficulties? What tools and equipment are needed for each technique?  These are just some of the questions [ … ] Read More


Both Sterling Silver and Reticulation Silver can be reticulated, but Reticulation Silver produces the best texture – by far! Sterling silver is an alloy of silver (92.5%) and copper (7.5%). Reticulation silver is normally an alloy of 80% silver and [ … ] Read More

Bending Tubes

Does your design call for a bent tube, but have no idea how to bend it without crushing it? These bending coils allow you to easily bend your tube into the shape you want. Many tools sold in model/hobby [ … ] Read More

Soldering With a Micro Mini Torch

8 Great Ways to Use Your Micro Torch: Tips for Fusing, Soldering, Making Wire Findings and Chain There are so few soldering and metalsmithing techniques that can’t be achieved with a micro torch. You can solder with a micro [ … ] Read More