Earring Jackets

If my ears are cold I’ll wear a toque like the born and raised Canadian girl I am, or sport some fluffy ear muffs…. I’m sure my earrings don’t feel the cold like my ear lobes do, so why so they need a jacket?

Earring Jackets are earring additions or enhancers; sort of buddies for your earrings to hang out with, or more accurately, to hang from.  They come in several styles.  Jackets typically hang off the back of a post from behind the lobe, free dangling from the post or attached to a butterfly. But they can also be pieces which surround the front of a stud. Either way they are removable attachments to simple studs.

So why do my earrings need a jacket? Because it’s an easy way to change the look of your studs into something unique and fun! They can dress up a simple pair of studs to take them from day into evening. This look has become popularized recently by celebrities exposing their lobes in public dressed only in a simple stud and jacket.

OK, so now we know what earring jackets are, love them, want them, and quite frankly see why our ears have been under dressed and lonely all this time. But, why are they called jackets? …………….anyone? A little help needed here, because I’m not sure who came up with this term and why it’s caught on.  I suppose it does make sense since Earring Jackets either wrap around or layer onto stud earrings.

Doesn’t matter what you call them, but you should try these fun new little accessories for your ears!!

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These Earring Jackets were made by Serena Bartok – the Instructor for the Earring Jackets Class.

Written by Serena Bartok