Meet the Artists – Beer & Bling

Our first Beer & Bling shopping night is quickly approaching and we thought it would be fun to introduce you all to some of the amazingly talented artists who will be featured on December 10th from 5-10pm. We invite you to come and shop delightful designs while you sip delicious cold beer served by our friends at Steel and Oak Brewing Company. Workingsilver supports creativity in many forms, so it seems only natural that partial proceeds from the beer tasting will go to the New Westminster Arts Council.  We hope you’ll join us to shop, sip, and support local artists!!

So without further ado…meet the artists!


Kathy has always loved working with her hands and has tried many and varied crafts over the years. However, it was a class in hand fabricating silver jewellery many years go that really ignited her passion for creating.  Since that time, Kathy has continued to train in the art of silversmith jewellery making, and she learns from the creative process as it unfolds with every piece of jewellery she makes.  Kathy developed 7+ years ago.  She has now expanded beyond her ecommerce shop and selling her finished jewellery to the Workingsilver Retail Store and Teaching Studio in New Westminster, BC.

Donelle Clark

Donnelle’s background is nursing. She currently works as the Director of Care for Nurse Next Door Delta. Her passion for making jewelry started with a wire wrapping class a few years ago, but she wanted more. “It took a while to find Workingsilver, but I’m so glad I did! I keep taking classes to learn more skills & continue to improve & grow on this journey.”

Kelly Allanson

Kelly’s work is often guided by textures found in everyday life. Much of her work has a tactile property to it. People not only wear jewellery but often absent mindedly adjust or fidgeting with it. Using textures and layers enhances these tactile senses, allowing the wearer a secondary pleasure in a piece of jewellery. All pieces are handmade with individuality as a core component.

Lauhging Sparrow

Rachael is a wife, the mom of a spunky toddler, and a maker. Her entire life she has been creating with all manner of materials, whether it is an image captured through the lens of a camera or a quilt sewn piece by piece. Her journey in jewellery began as a young child when she would spend hours and hours developing her skills with beads and wire.

In 2007, Rachael took her first silversmithing class and was instantly hooked. The skills she learned over the subsequent years have allowed her to realize her creative ideas in new and exciting ways

Laurie Linklater

Laurie started making costume jewelry many years ago. Stringing beads and eventually graduating to artistic wire.
It was a natural progression to silversmithing. She has only been at it for a couple of years, and really love creating silver jewelry. Laurie is constantly trying new techniques. Honing her skills.


Linda comes from an artistic family, experienced with many forms of art including; home crafts, woodwork, lapidary, sewing, needle work, knitting, and crocheting. These various crafts have been an integral part of her early years.

There was always encouragement to try new ideas and work with various tools throughout her life and although there were many mishaps along the way, the experiences helped creativity grow.

Linda has always enjoyed needle crafts and fabric dimensions; however, her heart was set in working with wire, sheet metals, stones and beads.

Recently, Linda took a ‘silversmith’ course at Workingsilver in New Westminster and once that torch was put in her hand, the ideas and creations were expanded to include many more aspects of metalwork. What a transformation!

Now, ideas that were only put on paper and tucked away in sketch books, have become realities.


Brittany Marie is the creator and designer of Vancouver-based Tany Marie handmade jewelry. Brittany began taking silversmithing classes in 2014 and has since been inspired to build her own line of fine handmade jewelry. She is continuing to develop new skills and is determined to grow her business from her home studio.

Tany Marie is fresh, simplistic, and designed to be worn day-to-day or dressed up for a night out. All Tany Marie jewelry is thoughtfully handmade from quality materials including Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-Fill.