Myrna Giesbrecht – One at a Time, One of a Kind

Meet Myrna,

I am an artist.

I knit, sew, and create mixed media jewelry.

The mediums are listed in that order because that’s how it happened.

I started to knit as a child, so long ago and far away that I don’t even remember who taught me. At first, I knit a lot and then it took a back seat to sewing for a very long time. Now, knitting is my take-with, portable, handwork. Although I’ve studied many methods, stitch combinations, structures and designing possibilities, I prefer simple knitting. My favourite stitches are seed and rib and I knit continental style.

I fell in love with sewing the first time I sat down at the machine in my high school home-economics class. I sewed all through high school and into my twenties making everything from lingerie to outerwear until I took up quilt making and turned that into a career producing patterns, writing books, and teaching both in person and on-line. Over time, my work evolved away from traditional quilting into textile art pieces much like contemporary abstract paintings only made of fabric. In 2010, I returned to sewing fashions and now alternate between the simple sewing of basic pieces and the unknown journey of creative fashions. My favourite questions are what if and how can I.

I am exploring mixed media jewelry using those same questions and developing my wire wrapping, wire weaving, metalwork, clay and resin skills. Since I’m a newbie, my technical skills are still catching up with my design abilities and that’s okay. I’m excited about where this new medium is leading.

I work from my studio in the small creative community of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for sharing my creative journey.

– Myrna




Myrna’s creations are detailed, interesting, and superbly crafted!  Workingsiver welcomes Myrna to our Creative Community, and we’re happy to report that Myrna buys her copper for jewellery making from Workingsilver – thanks Myrna!  You can see more of Myrna’s creations on her website:

Keep creating Myrna!!!