Laurie Emerslund aka “the Beadist”

My first trip to a bead store was when I was nine. My best friend at the time and I convinced my mother to take us to a shop on West 4th Avenue which was the hippy part of town at that time. I remember walking into the shop with its incense, bead curtains and groovy music and immediately feeling I was home. Since then I have been obsessed with beads of all kinds, from different times and different cultures. I especially love stone beads which is partly due to the fact that my father was something of an amateur geologist. I remember trips in the summer to out of the way places in B.C. to look for fossils and jade and even to try panning for gold! I am also fascinated by the myths and lore that surround these treasures of the earth. Each stone is beautiful and unique, and carries its own special magic. I love creating one of a kind jewelry that shows off the beauty of each stone, whether it be cheap or outrageously expensive. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and hope that my passion for stones will be inspiration for others to create beautiful jewellery to wear and enjoy!