18 Gauge – Argentium Sheet (Sterling) – 1″ x 6″ (Closeout)


The price shown is for one 1″x 6″ piece of this sheet

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18 gauge = 1.02 mm thick

Temper: dead soft

This Argentium Sterling sheet is sold in multiples of 1″ x 6″, but will not be cut unless requested in the customer note when purchasing.  For example; if you order 6 quantity of this item,  you will receive ONE piece of Argentium Sterling sheet 6″ x 6″ (depending on available stock), which is the largest size format in this sheet.  Ordering more than 6 quantity means you will get more than one piece of this AS sheet.

Argentium reacts differently when being heated with a torch. Watch this video to learn about how to work with Argentium when annealing or soldering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXdWHd5UoL4&list=PLSA1ZCHc82I3d_M6LxwZJ-seokixQpPrI

Made with a touch of germanium, Argentium® Silver presents a bright white color that is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling, yet is highly resistant to firescale and extremely slow to tarnish under most conditions. With 93.5% pure silver, Argentium meets the legal standard to be quality-marked as sterling silver. All Argentium is made from reclaimed silver and its sources are guaranteed by Argentium International Ltd. The unique properties of Argentium make this metal a dream to work with. It welds flawlessly and is ideal for fusing techniques. It offers excellent formability in its soft state and will work harden beautifully to create jewelry pieces that are stronger. It can also be age-hardened to make it more durable, able to take a brighter, more long lasting shine. Jewelry-makers and their customers appreciate the value and convenience of a brighter-white sterling silver that resists tarnishing, everyday scratches and dents, and keeps on shining.

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