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Set of 5

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This set of five forming pliers give you lots of options for forming dimples of different depths and diameters in metal. Create designs, textures and patterns quickly and easily. This set includes two hook-jaw pliers, which give greater visibility of the workpiece for more precise placement of dimples, and three flat-jaw pliers, which form larger-diameter dimples. Forming pliers have a variety of jaw configurations designed to maximize the ability to bend, shape or form wire, strip and sheet. The handles are dipped in plastic to ensure a firm and comfortable grip. This set of pliers comes in a zippered case.
• The pliers in this set have a lap joints; one half of the joint overlaps the other; a pivot is set through both halves.
• The double-leaf springs consists of flat, tempered metal tabs attached to the inside of each of the tool handles, positioned to meet and hold the handles apart (and the jaws open) until they are squeezed closed, delivering a fast, strong rebound for improved productivity.
• Plastic-dipped handles ensure a firm and comfortable grip.

This set includes:
• Two hook-jaw styles: 1mm diam. x 0.5mm deep, and 3mm diameter x 1.5mm deep
• Three flat-jaw styles: 3mm diameter x 1.5mm deep; 5mm diameter x 2.5mm deep; 7mm diameter x 3.5mm deep

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