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About ErgoLast Titanium Solder Pick: A fully functional ErgoLast Soldering Pick is lightweight, sturdy and superior.

  • Unique, slender design, allows you to hold the pick similar to a pencil.
  • Drop tiny solder balls – directly to their destination.
  • Non-stick titanium.
  • End twist for a quick pickup from a flat surface
  • Got a pesky bezel that won’t settle down? The paddle at the end can gently hold it down.
  • Fabricated from 16 ga aerospace grade titanium.

There is no heat transfer from pick to hand. Solder does NOT transfer onto titanium but rather floats on a pool of flux. Cleanup is easy. Plunk your pick into the pickle for a quick cleanup, as it is inert to Smart Pickle.


Instructions for use of the Ergo Last, Copyright Karen Christens

  1. To best use this pick, gently heat the tip with your torch and plunge it into flux. Repeat this three times, allowing for a sturdy flux layer for your solder to float and roll onto your heated pik. Do not allow the end to glow red. Flux will not adhere correctly.
  2. Cleaning. Your pic can be cleaned in pickle, citric acid, or vinegar and salt solutions. Titanium is inert in pickle and will not transfer any ionic plating to your work.
  3. If you find any residue after a hot bath, simply clean with Scotchbrite until the tip is clean.
  4. The pad at the end is designed to hold a pesky bezel or wire down to your base.
  5. The swirl inhibits rolling and makes it easy to fetch.
  6. Light in your hand and no heat transfer make this a long-lastinng and durable tool. Ergo Last Picks last a lifetime.

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