PEPETOOLS – NANO PASTE – Silver Solder Paste – Easy


The price shown is for one 1 DWT of paste solder in a syringe with one fine applicator tip.

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About NANO Paste, Silver Solder Paste w/ Dispensing Syringe, 1/4 ozt

Save time on production soldering with this cadmium-free silver paste solder, ideal for light-duty, delicate jobs. It combines solder with a flux/binder, ensuring that you don’t under or overflux and eliminating the need to heat the join twice.

Includes two applicator tips to ensure precision control when applying to your piece, to minimize waste.

  • 1/4 ozt of paste per syringe
    • 5 dwt
  • 2 applicator tips
  • Available in
    • Extra Easy
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
  • Made in USA
  • Cadmium Free
  • Lead Free
  • Nickel Free
Designation Flow Point

ºF (ºC)

Melt Point 

ºF (ºC)

Net Weight (ozt)
Extra Easy (56%) 1205ºF (652ºC)

1145ºF (618ºC)

Easy (65%)

1325ºF (718ºC)

1240ºF (671ºC)


Medium (70%)

1360ºF (738ºC)

1275ºF (690ºC)


Hard (75%)

1450ºF (788ºC)

1365ºF (740ºC)


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