Stone-Setting Pliers


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These stone-setting pliers allow you to control pressure while tightening prongs over a stone, reducing the risk of slipping and damaging the stone. The jaws on stone-setting pliers are specially shaped to provide easy access to prongs; these pliers have a groove running the length of each jaw to hold prongs securely. Use them to move prongs securely into place against the stone. Tough, rust-resistant stainless steel gives a reasonable life and good value.
• These pliers have a box joint; one half of the joint surrounds the other half, and the pivot is contained within. This joint holds its alignment far longer than a lap joint but allows the tool to open only as far as the box size.
• The double-leaf spring consists of flat, tempered metal tabs attached to the inside of each handle, positioned to meet and hold the handles apart (and the jaws open) until they are squeezed closed; the spring delivers a fast, strong rebound for improved productivity.
• Plastic-dipped handles help ensure comfort and a secure grip.

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