PEPETOOLS – Basic Smith Little Torch ALL FUELS


Excellent dual gas, silversmithing torch!  Made by Smith Equipment in the US.  Additional info below.

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About Basic Smith® Little Torch™ All-Fuels System with Five Tips

Accomplish a wide range of tasks—even in small work areas—with the Smith® Little Torch™. Easily complete delicate soldering tasks with the included size three tip that produces a flame the size of a pin head or use the Little Torch™ melting tip (available separately) to melt up to three ounces of gold or silver for casting.

The lightweight system reduces hand and arm fatigue, allowing you to work more comfortably during longer periods of use. Flexible hoses make the torch easy to use and more agile.

Use this economical system with acetylene, propane, hydrogen, natural gas or MAPP™ fuels and oxygen. This torch is ideal if you already have fuel and oxygen tanks and regulators with B fittings.

Other Little Torch ™ tips may be used with this system with the following guidelines:
• Use tip #2 only with acetylene or hydrogen fuels.
• Use casting and annealing tips for propane, natural gas, acetylene or hydrogen and ONLY if you’re using non-disposable tanks.


  • Torch handpiece
  • Two 8-foot hoses (one fuel, one oxygen) with “B” fittings
  • Five torch tips, sizes #3–#7
  • Available with US (North America)British, or Australian adapter

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