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The innovative Whaley “smart,” sliding ring gauge!!

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The innovative Whaley “smart,” sliding ring gauge helps you easily and accurately measure ring stock, of just about any shape, to perfectly produce the finished ring size you want—with no need for mathematical calculations. The easy-to-use gauge slide-adjusts to the thickness of the stock and locks into place. It provides a flat squared-off bed for the stock and a cutting slot to neatly trim the stock end for perfectly squared off corners. The flat bed features clear, etched markings for ring sizes 2–14.

Align the squared-off end of your stock to the marking for ring size you want, then use the cutting slot to cut the stock; the thickness adjustment you made automatically accounts for the stock thickness so that, once formed, the ring will be precisely the size you want. both cut ends are flat, smooth and perfectly square to align beautifully. Left-handed? Simply flip the gauge over to put the cutting slot on the proper side for you to cut; both sides offer equal access to all the features of the smart gauge.

The gauge is made from anodized aluminum and steel for long life and smooth operation.

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