Wubbers® Small Square-Mandrel Forming Pliers


Wubbers® small square-mandrel forming pliers.

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These Wubbers® small square-mandrel forming pliers have two different-sized jaws, giving you the flexibility to create even, consistently shaped square loops in two different sizes. The two tip sizes of these pliers—.20″ (5mm) and .12″ (3mm)—are perfect for making sharp bends and angles in wire as well as square jump ring s and components; it’s best used with dead-soft wire up to 16 gauge (sheet up to 24 gauge).

Forming pliers have a variety of jaw configurations designed to maximize the ability to bend, shape or form wire, strip and sheet. The durable, rust-resistant stainless steel delivers reasonable life and good value; the matte finish helps reduce eye fatigue.

  • These pliers have a lap joint; one half of the joint overlaps the other, and a pivot is set through both halves.
  • The double-leaf spring consists of a flat, tempered metal tab attached to the inside of each handle, positioned to meet and hold the handles apart (and the jaws open) until they are squeezed closed.
  • The handles are angled to give you a more powerful grip; the padded, non-slip, suede-textured grips provide comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

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