Buying Cabochon Stones has Fabulous Cabochon stones in many sizes, types and colours. Our stones are easy to buy, because they come with a 100% guarentee. If you are not satisfied with the stone you receive, let us know, and we’ll pay the return postage and give you a full refund.  Thanks for buying!!

 Have a look at these tips for buying cabochon stones:

1. Size: Yes, big, giant, gorgeous stones are beautiful. But, remember, you’ll need a lot of metal around those stones to protect and support them. That means weight. And cost. And more time making the piece. And don’t forget–thick or deep stones equal deep bezels, so you’ll end up fabricating those from sheet instead of ready-made strip. Even more time.

2. Shape: Funky shapes are cool and interesting, but sharp direction changes or very pointed corners are a fabrication challenge and will often dictate how you must set the stone in a piece. A bezel may not work with that stone in your hand, so if you don’t want to make prongs or something more challenging, watch those corners.

3. Workmanship: Is the back of your cab flat? If it isn’t, you’ll have to adjust your design to support the irregularities on the back of the stone. That will add to your fabrication timeline and the cost of more metal.

4. Material: Is the stone brittle or otherwise delicate? Trust me–buy an extra one. You never want to break a stone, but it happens.

5. Cost: Does it fit your budget? Will it fit your customers’ budgets when you’re done making the piece?

6. Skills: Do you have enough experience to set the stone you’re holding confidently? By all means, buy it if it’s a good price, but realize practice makes perfect, and you might hold it for a while before you use it. You’ll know when you’re ready.

7. Color: Sure, that blazing hot pink drusy is just fantastic–but will your customers think so, too? Just because you like certain colors doesn’t mean everybody does, so if you plan to sell what you make, try to purchase stones in many colors to offer choices to your customers.

8. Supporting Cast: Don’t forget to buy smaller accent stones. I know it might seem boring to get a bunch of plain round 10- or 12mm stones, but at 3 a.m. when you decide you need an accent stone to finish a pendant, you’ll be glad you have them on hand. Make a list and follow it.

9. Quantity: It often pays to purchase stones in quantity. If it’s a cut or material you love and your customers love, buy enough to get a price break. Ask the cutter how much that is and go for it.

10. Love Eternal: If you see something so fantastic you have to have it, you can afford it, and you will make a piece from it, buy it. The funny thing about gem material is that it is a limited commodity. You may never, ever see that kind of stone again, and regret really is a terrible thing. If you think you’ll be “haunted” by a cab you love, buy it, and make a present for yourself.

Article reprinted from Jewelry Making Daily online newsletter – August 6, 2012