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Workingsilver Spring Show and Sale

Just in time for Mother’s Day!!

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The sun suddenly appears from the gray sky, the layers of cloths peel away revealing naked collar bones and wrists, and the jewels get piled on. For most people spring means little buds bursting, baby bunnies and sand in your toes again. I’m all for those things, but to me, nothing says spring like a fresh new pair of earrings.

Come out to our second annual spring Show & Sale at WorkingSilver Saturday April 30 – May 1 and find that perfect pair of spring earrings for yourself!!

During the months of depressing cold wet weather, we have been happily working away in our studios to produce new jewels to be sprung out this spring.  At Workingsilver Kathy has been working hard to create a lovely community of established metalsmiths and budding new students, and is excited to host this show featuring the work of Workingsilver Students, Instructors, and Staff.

For a sneak peek before the show we have collected some photos and words from the metalsmiths.

Kathy Brandon, owner of Workingsilver, Metalsmith and Instructor

Kathy Brandon

Kathy has always loved working with her hands and has tried many and varied crafts over the years. However, it was a class in hand fabricating silver jewellery many years go that really ignited her passion for creating.  Since that time, Kathy has continued to train in the art of silversmith jewellery making, and she learns from the creative process as it unfolds with every piece of jewellery she makes.  Kathy developed Workingsilver.com 8+ years ago.  She has now expanded beyond her ecommerce shop and selling her finished jewellery to the Workingsilver Retail Store and Teaching Studio in New Westminster, BC.

Merina Rodgers of Mersea, Student Metalsmith

MerSea Studio Picasso Jasper Statement RingMerSea StudioMerSea Studio Wilderness Pendants



I am MerSea. And by that I mean I am a wilderness guide turned silversmith. One who sees stories in wild places, who smiths because it is what her soul tells her to do, who collects the seashells and pebbles found on her path, who loves nothing more than the promise of an unexplored trail, the sound of ocean in her ears and the warmth of sunbeams on her skin. 


Serena Bartok Metalsmith and Instructor


Serena’s work has always been influenced by the beauty of nature, I find it everywhere. Its complexities, intricate delicate details, its connections to its self and the world. But what has begun really gripping my attention is the fierceness, the powerful and protective side of nature and its fight for survival in our ever intruding urban jungle. It’s always delighted me when I see nature prevail despite the odds. A dropped seed, and a flower has sprung in an unlikely place, eventually causing the pavement to crack and buckle. Nature refusing to conform. Nature protects itself. The power of nature draws me in yet sometimes terrifies me. I really don’t desire to suddenly become breakfast for a hungry carnivore while calmly enjoying my morning java…. but I always want that world to exist and thrive and flourish, to fight and to win. For there to be a place for all of creation. With this passion my current works are uncohesive, seemingly unconnected….or maybe it isn’t. Flowers do come with thorns, and those delicate tentacles may very well be deadly poisonous.


Linda Chow Student Metalsmith


Linda comes from an artistic family with homecrafts, woodwork, lapidary and needlework being an integral part of her early years.  There was always encouragement to try new ideas and work with various tools so, Linda spent her ‘craft’ hours enjoying working with beads, including wirework, and has created many special pieces over the years.

About 2 years ago, Linda enrolled in a ‘Beginners Silversmithing ‘ course at Working Silver, and, once that torch was put in her hand, the ideas and creations were expanded to include many new aspects of metalwork.  Those sketches in old books became realities, and the passion for this new found art form cjiu87an be seen in her current designs.

Linda continues to expand her knowledge and skills through various courses and through the company of  local  fellow ‘silver-smithers’ – there is always something new to learn…and new to create!!


Laurie Linklater Student Metalsmith

lourieheart  Laurie Linklater  lourieoth

Laurie Linklater Artists are always evolving and I am no exception! In the beginning it was beads, then onto wire work and now silver smithing. Oh all the possibilities! So much fun!


Donelle Clarke Student Metalsmith

                    danelle  donelleear  doneleefuse

Donelle’s background is as an advanced practice nurse in critical care. Currently I work with Nurse Next Door Delta as their Director of Care & Dementia Consultant. I stated my interest in jewelry making with a class on wire wrapping & was hooked!  I have taken every class I can fit into my schedule since then. I have been taking silver smithing classes with Kathy at Working Silver for close to two years now. I keep learning & growing, loving what I’m doing as a silversmith.



Liz McDonald PMC Instructor and Artisan

PMC photo transfer

See Liz’s PMC work on her Cove Coast website


Rachael Hatala  of Laughing Sparrow and Instructor

Lauhging Sparrow

See Rachael’s work on her Laughing Sparrow website


 Workingsilver Spring Show and Sale: Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1

(11-5 both days)

We hope you’ll join us for this festive spring jewellery event!  

Pick up something beautiful for Mom and for yourself!!

Free off street parking for this event behind building.