Be A Learner, A Maker, A Creator……..Take a Class!!

The year has a natural rhythm, and fall is time for shorter days, cooler weather, and back-to-school.  After a busy summer, we’re back in our routines. The kids are at school, learning all kinds of wonderful new things. Now is the perfect time for you to be learning some wonderful new things too by taking jewellery-making classes.

Why take a class you say? I am so busy that when I have time to relax, I don’t want to do anything. Well, there are lots of good reasons to engage in activities that stimulate your brain, focus your attention, and engage your creativity – like taking a class. It has been shown time and again that learning something new is one of the nicest things you can do for your brain. Learning encourages growth of new neural pathways in your brain, which helps keep you sharper and calmer. There is also a phenomenon known as “flow” which occurs when you are focused intently on what you are doing to the exclusion of everything else (mindfulness). This has the delightful effect of increasing endorphin production, which makes you really happy. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates and if that isn’t a reason to learn something new, I don’t know what is! And of course, with the holidays coming up, you can create beautiful, handmade gifts for your family and friends!

If you are a beginner, there are a lot of great one day classes that will teach you basic silversmithing skills and produce a lovely piece of finished jewellery to wear home. Some of the most popular classes are ring making classes such as stacking rings and spinner rings. Stacking Rings are very popular right now, and making your own allows you to choose the textures, patinas and stones that you like. Spinner rings are also popular and can be customized as well with texture, patina and choices of wire for the spinners. And, they’re great as a meditation aid or just to fidget with! Knotted Rings are very cool and make cute pinkie rings or can be put with stacking rings for a unique layered look.Your friends will definitely be asking how you made them! Two band cabochon rings are a great way to turn a pretty stone into a statement piece that you can wear and enjoy every day. If you prefer a pendant, the “Stoned!” class is for you. With a large variety of stones to choose from, you can create a pendant that you will be proud to say you made. Hoop earrings are a classic addition to your jewellery “wardrobe” and can be worn with everything from jeans and a chunky sweater to a little black dress for all those holiday parties! These also make a great gift because you don’t need to worry about the size! And for those of you who want to jump in with both feet, the Beginner Level One class is the way to go. This is three days of learning and laughter as you create a ring and a pendant. It is also a great introduction to a lot of techniques that will open your eyes to the possibilities in creating jewellery.

two stone cuff ring

Some of you have been doing this for a while and are at an intermediate or advanced level. Don’t despair! There are always more things to learn! Take a class in setting cabochons on pendants and use some of the stones in your vast stash. (You know you have them-we all do!) Each pendant will be completely unique and beautiful. These will definitely be treasured pieces by whoever is lucky enough to receive them! How about a statement-making Two Stone Cuff Ring? You can mix and match some of your smaller cabochons to create one-of-a-kind rings that are truly drool-worthy. These rings create a bit of an optical illusion that makes it appear as if the stones are mysteriously sitting on your hand without any visible means of support. If you prefer something sparkly and a bit modern, the Flush Set Ring is a sleek design that can be set with just one or many stones. This setting technique can be used in pendants, earrings and bracelets as well. The cuff with bling is also a modern, minimalist design that features two tube set cubic zirconias. Tube setting is a nice clean look that is also used in the Stacked and Stoned class. This is another technique that can be used as the main focus in a piece of jewellery or as an accent to complement other stones in a design.


Be a learner, a maker, a creator, and help your body and brain – sounds like a great idea!!  How about taking that idea and turning it into action!  Register now for one or more of our silversmithing classes.  Have fun in our studio and wear home beautiful jewellery that  you’ve made!