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Sterling Silver Care part 2 of 2

Does your silver jewelry live in your bathroom? Or is it hanging around on some sort of display, or cluttered up in an open dish on a random counter top? Do you then have to go through the effort [ … ] Read More

Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery

Silver is the most brilliant, highly reflective white metal. Its durability luster and shine have been sought after for centuries, and its comparatively low price to other precious metals makes it obtainable for almost anyone. Sterling silver is usually [ … ] Read More

Hammer Textures

Texturing metal with hammers and stamps is a fun, relatively easy and inexpensive way of adding interest to a jewellery piece. I’m a big fan of textured pieces, finding most smooth mirror finished pieces a bit of a bore, [ … ] Read More

Soldering in the Round

Feeling uninspired? Not much to do in the studio? Or just plain “I don’t wanna!” but still feel like doing something? No worries, I have a great project for you which will become your new favorite soldering buddy. Make [ … ] Read More

Spring Show Success

    “What is amazing about the Workingsilver Show and Sale is the community of the artisans who participate, from the novice to the goldsmith. Everyone’s personality comes out in their jewellery, so there is literally something for everyone [ … ] Read More

Soldering Station Set Up

Solder Station Setup Ideally we would have a separate well ventilated studio with big windows letting in natural light with little bunnies and fawns frolicking just outside in our personal forest, near enough to touch. However we live in [ … ] Read More

spring bling

Workingsilver Spring Show and Sale Just in time for Mother’s Day!!     The sun suddenly appears from the gray sky, the layers of cloths peel away revealing naked collar bones and wrists, and the jewels get piled on. [ … ] Read More

Those who can do, Do……Teach that is.

Those who can do, do. Those that can’t, teach…….. ummm really? I think it would be fairly difficult to teach something that you don’t know how to do, no? Those who teach do so because they have a passion [ … ] Read More

Working With Your Hands

I love to paint. Can’t say I’m good at it, but still, a few times a year I will take a day and happily slap some paint onto a canvas. If I paint with my friend, who is quite [ … ] Read More

Earring Jackets

If my ears are cold I’ll wear a toque like the born and raised Canadian girl I am, or sport some fluffy ear muffs…. I’m sure my earrings don’t feel the cold like my ear lobes do, so why [ … ] Read More