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Soldering in the Round

Feeling uninspired? Not much to do in the studio? Or just plain “I don’t wanna!” but still feel like doing something? No worries, I have a great project for you which will become your new favorite soldering buddy. Make [ … ] Read More

Spring Show Success

    “What is amazing about the Workingsilver Show and Sale is the community of the artisans who participate, from the novice to the goldsmith. Everyone’s personality comes out in their jewellery, so there is literally something for everyone [ … ] Read More

Soldering Station Set Up

Solder Station Setup Ideally you should have a separate well ventilated studio with big windows letting in natural light. However we live in reality where most of us carve out a little work space wherever we can. The important [ … ] Read More

spring bling

Workingsilver Spring Show and Sale Just in time for Mother’s Day!!     The sun suddenly appears from the gray sky, the layers of cloths peel away revealing naked collar bones and wrists, and the jewels get piled on. [ … ] Read More

Earring Jackets

If my ears are cold I’ll wear a toque like the born and raised Canadian girl I am, or sport some fluffy ear muffs…. I’m sure my earrings don’t feel the cold like my ear lobes do, so why [ … ] Read More

Inspiration Is Everywhere

While walking in downtown Vancouver the other day from the Skytrain to a meeting, I started to wonder what I was going to write about for my first Blog for Workingsilver, when I quickly and easily became distracted by [ … ] Read More

What is Reticulation?

The technique of reticulation is a lot like a sporting event – you never know what’s going to happen and what happens can never be repeated. Both Sterling Silver and Reticulation Silver can be reticulated, but Reticulation Silver produces the best [ … ] Read More

What File Should I Use?

There are many different cuts, shapes and varieties of files; some files are designed to meet very specific needs. When searching for the perfect files for your bench, consider the material you will be working with, the level of [ … ] Read More