Making Spinner Rings

  SPINNER RINGS Spinner rings, fidget rings, meditation rings.  The Spinner Ring continues to be popular and fun to wear!  A modern take on the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, these rings are designed so that the inner ring sits comfortably [ … ] Read More

What Is Water Casting and How Is It Done?

Humans have been casting metal for the past 5000 years!  Our world without casting is unimaginable!  Casting has also been used in jewellery making for thousands of years.  One of the beauties of Water Casting is that it’s a [ … ] Read More

Ring Sizing Chart

This chart is for ROUND rings that are 4mm to 10mm wide. Locate the corresponding box of finger size and metal gauge (thickness) to determine the length of your metal to cut (the circumference).  Round up or down based [ … ] Read More

Copper Flashing Using Pickle

Sometimes we WANT to copper flash metal.  When soldering copper, even with copper solder, the solder join is usually visible.  After cleaning all the extra solder from the join, try this: put some iron binding wire on your metal [ … ] Read More

Soldering vs. Fusing

Soldering vs. Fusing What is the difference between soldering and fusing? What are the benefits of each technique and what are the difficulties? What tools and equipment are needed for each technique?  These are just some of the questions [ … ] Read More


One of the tools a silversmith reaches for most often is their hammer. We all have our favourite one…or 3, but if you are just starting to build your tool collection, picking the right hammer for the job can [ … ] Read More

What is the Moh’s Scale?

To put it in very basic terms, the Mohs scale of hardness is a relative scale of “scratchability.” Basically the higher the number on the scale the harder the stone. A stone rated at an 8 can be scratched [ … ] Read More

What Gauge of Metal Should I Use?

What gauge of metal should I use? This is a question we get asked at Workingsilver all the time. Unfortunately there is no single answer to this one. It really depends on many different factors: are you making a [ … ] Read More

All About Files

There are many different cuts, shapes and varieties of files; some files are designed to meet very specific needs. When searching for the perfect files for your bench, consider the material you will be working with, the level of [ … ] Read More