What is a spinner ring?

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What is a spinner ring?
To put it simply a spinner ring is a combination of rings designed in a way that outer smaller rings spin on the inner ring that encircles the finger.

The design possibilities of a spinner ring are endless. Once you have mastered the basic techniques used to fabricate a spinner ring, you can use different metals, textures or patinas as well as different patterns and numbers of spinning bands to create unique works of art. You can even set gemstones or use other design elements for additional interest.

For a little inspiration and eye candy, check out these very talented jewellers and their interpretations on a spinner ring.
#1 http://www.luulla.com/product/173846/birthstone-spinner-ring
#2 http://www.littlerockjewellerystudio.com
#3 http://www.flickr.com/photos/stonesthrowstudio/8271991719/in/pool-666116@N24
#4 https://workingsilver.com/product-category/featured-jewellery-artist/rings/
#5 http://www.juliet925.ca
#6 http://tiffanyannestudios.com/collections/all-rings/products/silver-spinner-ring-unisex-worry-ring-meditation-ring-fidget-ring-prayer-ring

Or you can follow our Pinterest Board on Spinner Rings to see more examples of this versatile style of ring.

Perhaps these rings were originally designed to replicate a Tibetan prayer wheel. Whatever their origins, spinner rings are fun to wear, and you can spin the inner rings while saying mantras, or use them like “worry beads”.