How to display your Jewellery

When it comes to displaying your creations there are so many choices. You can purchase display props from a place like Eddies Hangups in Vancouver, or you can created your own using all sorts of unexpected items. Here are a few links for ideas, or you can follow our jewellery display board on pinterest for all sorts of DIY projects and eye candy.

Here is a quick and easy earring display using a wooden embroidery hoop and some lace ribbon:

Your display doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. The one shown in this link uses painted blocks of wood to create a simple and stunning platform to show off your jewellery. (This could also work well using inexpensive canvases from a craft store.)

This DIY necklace holder is so versatile. By using a different vase or jar, or using twigs instead of wire, you can achieve a wide variety of looks.

Unexpected household or office items can often make great jewellery displays. Check out these clip board necklace holders.

Jewellery cards don’t need to be complicated or expensive. Some card stock, a stamp and a bit of ribbon can give you endless possibilities.

Simple card stock cones in different sizes work well to display rings, bracelets and necklaces for little cost. You can use all the same colour or have fun using bright combinations.

With a little creativity and some simple supplies you can create a beautiful display to fit any budget.